Electronic Manufacturers' Line Card

Within our Territory of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Western half of Wisconsin, we represent manufacturers of excellent electronic components. Proud Industries has been supporting this territory with component sales and technical support for over fifteen years.

APEX PLASTICS & MANUFACTURING Local Manufacturer of Fine Custom Injection Molded Products. Provides, Mold Design and Manufacture, Electrical Assembly and Secondary Operations, EMI and ESD Protection

CUSTOM CONNECTIONS Local Manufacturer Provides Round Cables, Flat Cables, Coaxial Cable and Complete Harness Assembly, Manufactured to Your Print. Provides Engineering, Prototypes and Assemblies.

LMB HEEGER Manufacturer of Small Aluminum, Plastic, Die Cast and Drawn Enclosures of Standard Product and Customized Fabrication. NEMA Boxes and Relay Rack Assembly. www.heeger.com

MILPLEX CIRCUITS Manufacturer of Double-Sided and 4-16 Layer Printed Circuit Boards. Specifying in Standard 3 Week Production of Low-High Volume Production And Quick- Turn Prototype Capacity. www.miplex.com

PDK ELECTRONICS-TDN Manufacturer of Molded Cables, Modular Jacks, Multi-Port Jacks and BNC Connectors and Custom Cables www.pdk.net




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